Services & Expertise

The primary value a vacation rental partner can provide is the ability to keep your home in great condition while generating the most revenue. At Endorsed Accommodations, we are confident that our irreplaceable advantages over other companies provide owners just that. Specifically, we focus on the following areas:


  • The Schaffer’s Mill Vacations website is directly integrated into the master website, meaning you benefit from all of the traffic that the Schaffer’s Mill marketing endeavors drive to this site.
  • The website has also been created, with all the tools necessary to compel guests to book our “Endorsed Accommodations
  • We market on Airbnb and VRBO, and have a steady queue of demand through our real-estate-interest list

Guest Services

  • Our hospitality staff is available to provide renters with access to the on-site activities as well as planning assistance for their Tahoe vacations.
  • Guests may order grocery items in advance, these are placed in the rental homes prior to the guest arrival.
  • We provide comprehensive reservations services and handle all correspondence with rental guests.
  • Concierge services are provided seven-days-a-week during busy seasons and greeters are available to meet arriving guests during off-peak periods.

Owner Services

  • Maintenance services are provided for rental home owners and renters by our staff or appropriate service providers.
  • Owners will receive monthly statements regarding rental activity, housekeeping services and other requested or required rental management services.
  • Housekeeping services are available to owners or their personal guests on an advanced-reservation basis.
  • Preventive maintenance and inspections are conducted on each rental home by our in-house staff.
  • Pre and post-visitor inspections are conducted on the rental home at the time guests check out.
  • Rental availability calendars are maintained for each property, giving the owners the potential benefit of maximum rental income as well as maximum personal-use benefit when the home is not being rented.

Accounting & Financial Services

  • Endorsed Accommodations handles the collection of all rental fees, housekeeping fees, resort-access fees, damage collections and guest resort charges.
  • Endorsed Accommodations pays all credit card processing fees.
  • All applicable taxes are collected by Endorsed Accommodations and reported to the appropriate government agencies.
  • All owner expenses and their personal-guest-related expenses (such as housekeeping fees) are tracked on the owner’s ledger and reported in each monthly statement.
  • An annual income and expense statement is provided to each home owner within 30 days after January 1st of each year for owners’ tax reporting purposes.
  • Payments of owners’ rental income are paid quarterly and include all stays completed within the quarter.

If you would like to learn more about being a part of the SMEA program, please contact Jessie Byers at 530.214.7381 or